Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tattoorism: Brian's Ohm

This was sent to me by Brian, in Southern California, who's celebrating his birthday today. It's a stunning black and gray tattoo and well worth sharing here on Tattoosday:

Brian explains:

"This is my first tattoo and [it] meant a lot to me. It's an ohm, which is sort of a Buddhist peace symbol. It's sort of a reminder to me about what I have to do.

I wake up and see it, and it reminds me how to live my life and how to interact with others. Behind the symbol is a copy of my thumb print, just to make it a little more personal and how it pertains to my life...The artist is Placaso at Lowrider Tattoo in Orange, CA."
Thanks to Brian for sharing this amazing tattoo with us here on Tattoosday! And Happy Birthday, Brian!


Patrícia said...

I love tat's and all about it.
This one is an excelent exemple for what i've been thinking since i get my first tattoo: if u wanna get one, it must have a meaning for u, or else what's teh point?
Don't u agree?
And, Brian, ur's awesome!
I love it, i love the concept, inner peace, the realization that u're alive and it's a blessing, so 'carpe diem'. (:
I have a Buddha in my left leg, and i was thinking about doing an Ohm in the other leg, i dunno, let's see.
I also have a pheonix in my back and two other tat's, i might not be american, but if u want to, i'll share with u.
Keep it real.

Bill Cohen said...


If you like, you can send photos to

Thank you for your interest!


Anonymous said...

i want to know if you can send me a photo or image of the original design of the tatto or a photo where one sees well the whole design because i love it and i want to tatto it.

Anonymous said...

the original tattoo was drawn by Brandon Boyd of the band Incubus. This tattoo is far from original; even the "thumb print" is not really this guys. He's just trying to pass it on as if it was his art

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

i just wanted to correct's a hindoe symbol.
But I understand the mistake. The bhuddha came from India and the budhistic culture is sprung frim the hindoeism culture.