Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gina Shares Two Amazing Tattoos by Bugs! (NYC Tattoo Convention)

Every year I attend, one of the highlights for the NYC Tattoo Convention is seeing the artist Bugs in action. He has taken tattoo art in a new direction, and his style is not only unique, but positively mind-blowing.

That said, it was a wonderful moment when, while wandering about Roseland, I chanced upon one of his clients, in the form of Gina.

Gina initially selected this piece from her inner arm to share with us:

I mean, really, how amazing is that?

Gina is a huge fan of Bugs' work and has, in her words, "donated my body to him."

This piece is in honor of her mom. She told Bugs the concept and she "let him take it any direction he wanted to go."

I was so happy to be able to meet one of Bugs' clients, that I asked if I could take a picture of the piece on Gina's upper arm as well, and she happily complied:

When I asked Gina about this piece, she elaborated, "
It's actually for me ... it's my interpretation of myself ... a Rubenesque woman ... and that's what he came up with."

Bugs works out of Los Angeles, but he frequents many conventions, and is a regular at Roseland. Gina makes a point of seeing him every year he is here.

Thanks to Gina for sharing her amazing work by Bugs here on Tattoosday!

Be sure to visit Bugs' website here to appreciate more from this amazing artist!!

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