Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Barbara's Back, Courtesy of Leslie Reesen from Mad Science in The Netherlands (NYC Tattoo Convention)

One of the great things about tattoo conventions is that you get to see more back pieces than you would say, walking the streets of New York.

I've always managed to capture at least one great back tattoo from my trips to the New York City Tattoo Convention each year, and here we have another one to add to the mix:

This huge tattoo belongs to Barbara, who was working at the Mad Science Tattooing booth at Roseland.
She credited the piece to one of the artists Leslie Reesen, who was working the convention. Mad Science is located in The Hague in the Netherlands.

She was happy to share this back tattoo which represents about 55 hours of work (and extends below the waist line). Barbara explained a little about its origin.
"I wanted to do the Leaf Man, the face with all the leaves ... I really like it ... I gave him [Reesen] a free hand about the design, so it's really his own drawings ... There's one detail that I really like, because I used to be a ballet dancer and, in Wicca ...the leaf man is the god of the dance so maybe that's why I always liked the Leaf Man, I don't know, or it's more coincidence...".
Here's a shot I took of Reesen in action during the Convention:

And, in case you were wondering what he was tattooing on this woman's mohawked head, Mr. Reesen was kind enough, after the convention, to share the completed tattoo with us here on Tattoosday:

Photo courtesy of Leslie Reesen
Thank you to Barbara for sharing her Leaf Man back piece with us and, in so doing, helping introduce me to the talented artists from Mad Science in the Netherlands, especially Leslie Reesen!

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