Friday, May 10, 2013

The Intersection of Fine Art and Tattoo

A couple of days ago, The New York Times posted a special report under the heading of "the art of collecting." The article (here) was called "Tattooing Makes Transition From Cult to Fine Art."

After my obligatory eye-rolls (Cult? Really?), I perused the article and was pleasantly surprised.

I normally throw such things up in link lists, but I was intrigued by the fact that model Kate Moss was tattooed by the late artist Lucien Feud:

from Tattoosday UK via the Daily Mail
The discussion touched on the value of body art as a legitimate art form ("Fine" art, if you will) and Ms. Moss even joked about the value of these Freud tattoos if they were grafted off of her skin. A shocking idea, but certainly worth wondering about, hypothetically.

It's a great read and I was also pleased to see Duke Riley's name pop up, along with a photo of one of his tattoos:

from The New York Times, courtesy of Duke Riley
I am honored to say that we have featured work from Duke previously here and here.

Work on Daisy by Duke Riley
I always like to share stories in the media that features some of the talented artists whose work I've had the pleasure to come across in my travels.

If you like what you see, Duke's shop is East River Tattoo and, if he's busy, check out Sue Jeiven's work, as well.

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