Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ashley Shares Some Dogwood and a Sailor Jerry Classic

Last week I met Ashley down on Pearl Street in Lower Manhattan. She has a lot of ink and was kind enough to share some with us.

First up is some dogwood on her inner arm:

The dogwood actually runs to the other side of her arm, as well:

Ashley explained that "Mame and Ah-Ben" were the names she called her grandparents.

She also shared this traditional Sailor Jerry flash piece:

Thursday will mark the 41st anniversary of the passing of Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins.

The dogwood tattoo and the Sailor Jerry piece was done by "Bad News" Becca Roach, from North Star Tattoo in NYC. I've had the pleasure of seeing Becca work at the NYC Tattoo Convention, so I'm familiar with her work.

Ashley said, "It would probably be funnier if you ask her [Becca] about me," adding, "I'm her worst patient." So I did ask Becca about Ashley and she didn't disappoint with this reply:
"She's a pretty unique lady. Always funny and fun to tattoo. But the only one who's ever gotten up in the middle of it and left. We had to send her girlfriend out to find her. She was hiding at the bar around the corner. Left, said nothing to anyone, and didn't come back."
Thanks to Ashley for sharing her cool tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!

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