Friday, May 8, 2009

Inked Up Angels: Part 1, Pink's X-Men

Back in April, I ran into two young ladies in Penn Station. Both were significantly tattooed and I was delighted when they agreed to talk to me and allowed me to snap a few photos.

In order to give each woman her proper due, I'll start with "Pink", who showed me her tattoo first.

Actually, she was already showing her tattoos. With a full leg sleeve and an estimated eleven pieces in all (approximately), she already had a lot of ink on full display.

She showed me her right bicep to exhibit the following piece in progress:

Pink advised me that this is a tattoo of Gambit and Rogue. Shwoing my ignorance, I questioned who they were, assuming they were characters from a comic. I was in the right neighborhood, as they are characters from the X-Men.

This piece was tattooed by Pat Sheridan at The White Lotus Tattoo & Art Gallery in Toms River, New Jersey.

As it turns out, both Pink and her friend Kat are part of a group called The Inked Up Angels (their MySpace page is here). The Inked Up Angels can best be described as a gathering of young ladies with tattoos who model, but without the nudity of the Suicide Girls.

If you head over to their MySpace page and root around the photos section, you'll see more pictures of Pink, including some cool shots where her other tattoos are viewable.

And, stay tuned for part two of this post, where Pink's friend Kat unveils what I can safely say is one of the most amazing tattoos I've ever had the pleasure to capture for Tattoosday.

Thanks again to Pink for sharing her work with us here!

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Mama W said...

My favorite X-Men! Hopefully there will be an update of this tattoo...