Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tattoos in the News - Friday Jones Fifth Avenue

Sara from W Magazine just e-mailed me about a couture studio in New York's Flatiron District.
She writes:

"...Thought you might be interested in our article on Friday Jones Fifth Avenue, the "couture" tattoo saloon located inside the Flatiron District's Senses NY Saloon & Spa. Classically-trained tattoo artist and owner Friday Jones has catered to a clientele of Hollywood stars and socialites including Angelina Jolie and Lydia Hearst. The unique combination of a spa-like environment and design excellence has driven Jones' expanding market, even offering white tattoos as a more subtle alternative for those not ready to commit to black ink."
Check out the article here.

The question becomes, when will one of these tattoos be spotted by the Tattoosday camera?

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