Thursday, January 24, 2013

Craig's Hand-Held Camera

This is an orphan, of sorts, from 2012.

Back on July 14, I met Craig, at the Chelsea Bazaar in Manhattan. There were several food vendors in attendance, including Craig's business Eat Me Sweetly.

I took a picture of this incredible tattoo on Craig's hand:

Unfortunately, my recording of our meeting is a bit garbled because of the noise at the bazaar. I e-mailed Craig a couple weeks back and haven't heard back, but I'm trying to clear out the last of the 2012 posts, so if he does write back, I'll be sure to update the site.

That said, all I know about the tattoo artist is that his name is Ray.

One of the specialties that Craig and his partner Jessica have at Eat Me Sweetly (and what drew me to their table) is pickles.

This is what I had:

They were delicious!

As for the camera on his hand, Craig explained:
"I used to be in the film business before I turned to making pickles for work. I was in post-production and pre-production. I was on both sides of the camera. I used to do a lot of talking head interviews for Citibank and then I started film scanning, film restoration, things like that."
Thanks to Craig for sharing his camera tattoo with us on Tattoosday (and for the awesome pickles)!

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