Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tom's Portrait of Ghost Bear Watches His Back

Someone on Tattoosday's Facebook page had recently inquired about an artist on this post which featured some great work on Tom, who I met on the Coney Island boardwalk last summer.

I reached out to Tom for some additional details and not only did he clarify the reader's question, but he sent along a new tattoo, inked less than two weeks ago:

This was done by Kyle Proia, the owner at Tymeless Tattoo & Piercing in Baldwinsville, New York, just west of Syracuse. It was based on this photo:

Tom explained that this is a picture of Ghost Bear, a member of the Crow Nation. This version of the image was created by Wendelin, based on an original black and white photograph by Edward S. Curtis:

photo from Library of Congress (here)
Tom elaborated:
"I have loved [this imagery] from the very first time I learned about the history, way of life these people that populated the American Plains before the arrival of the Europeans. I have another Native American on my left shoulder that is black and grey. I now have two warriors watching my back. I am planning on doing the rest of my back with a scene from the Black Hills, Badland area in The Dakotas."
Thanks to Tom for sharing this awesome new tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!

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