Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shannon Shares Work by Stacey Martin and Noon

Sometimes a quick run to the grocery store brings an unexpected bonus.

Last September, for example, I ran into Shannon, whose tattoos prompted me to stop and inquire.

As it turned out, Shannon is one of the owners of Triple Diamond Tattoo, which opened last summer on Third Avenue in Brooklyn.

She shared two tattoos, including this back piece:

This tattoo features yellow roses and a fan and was inked by Stacey Martin at Dovetail Tattoo in Austin, Texas. We have featured Stacey's work previously on Tattoosday, namely this piece from last summer.

Shannon also shared this unusual tattoo on her leg:

The tattoo on her leg was done by Noon, a modern abstract artist based in Troyes, France, who travels to the U.S. once a year.

I always ask about back story, of course, but also recognize their is a significant segment of the tattooed population who get tattooed for the sake of the art. Regrading these pieces, Shannon identified with the latter, stating simple, "I like what I like."

Thanks to Shannon from stopping and sharing with me at Foodtown, so we could present these cool tattoos on Tattoosday!

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TrippyBeth said...

wow, this is one of my favorite tattoos i've seen on your blog.... beautiful!!