Saturday, January 26, 2013

I Link, Therefore I Am

Modeling this after one of my favorite poetry blogs (Thank you, Ron Silliman), here's my attempt to share some links....

Photo by Michael Short/special to the Chronicle (via SF Gate)

Saturday morning, while standing in line for Brooklyn bagels that, as they say in Hawai'i, broke da mouth, I spotted an item ("Tatt-tle Tales") on the cover of the New York Post: Read about San Francisco '49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's tattoos.

Speaking of the 49ers, a Vallejo tattoo shop is offering 49er logo tattoos for, you guessed it, $49.

Yesterday, my lovely friends over at the Needles and Sins blog alerted me to the existence of a new online explosion of awesomeness called Tattoo Culture Magazine. I envision hours of time lost in these digital pages.

Ok, that's not a really impressive list of links, but the Tattoo Culture Magazine should keep you busy for a while.

Maybe I'll be back next Saturday with more links, maybe not.

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