Saturday, October 25, 2008

Eryn's Yarn Skull

I had seen Eryn before in the vicinity of 39th and Broadway and wanted to ask her about her tattoos. When I finally got the opportunity, she rolled up her right sleeve to reveal this incredible tattoo:

Eryn is a professional knitter and works with yarn on a daily basis (see some of her artsy stuff here). A friend of her designed this piece for as an homage to her vocation, although Eryn admits it exemplifies her "dorkitude".

This skull, capped with yarn, boasts knitting needle crossbones:

It's a brilliant piece and was inked by Alex Vidaud at Nautilus Tattoo in Hartford, Connecticut.

Thanks to Eryn for sharing her awesome ink with us here at Tattoosday!


Charlie Altman said...

I've seen this girl on the streets too, she's the hottest thing on two legs. She also has an AMAZING tattoo on her foot from those "Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark" books. You should photograph that next time you see her, it's even better than the yarn skull.

Jyn Dreaming said...

She's covered in beauty. You cant help but notice her when she's in the room, on the street, in the same city.

She's also a mad scrabble addict.

She's my heroin/e.

and Mr. Altman is correct about her foot tattoo being awesome, but not even close to the yarn skull.

Charlie Altman said...

Pay no attention to Ms. Dreaming. She has the unfortunate burden of being afflicted by 19th century ailments that mess with her judgement. She has a terrible opium habit, which she uses to contend with the reality of her debilitating rickets. We only just last year got her off the laudanum, but we can't seem to be able to keep her from chasing the dragon. And if the rickets weren't bad enough, she has a tendency to contract cholera like most people catch colds.

Jyn Dreaming said...

*hangs head*

these things I cannot contest. Damn you mister Altman, and you're disgusting desire to debase me.... but with the truth.

Anonymous said...

This girl is ALWAYS on the streets.
But you better be careful, Mr. Altman, talking about either Miss Eryn or Ms. Dreaming. They can gang up on you and put a tattoo where the sun don't shine. (if someone can find room).
Miss Clara

Jyn Dreaming said...

Mr. Altman IS indeed a weenie. His fear of physical pain will drive you to tears of hilarity.

He does however know my weakness.

Miss Clara is right however, and this shant stop me from overpowering you mr. Altman... and tattooing a pansy, or haywords face on your testicles.