Saturday, October 4, 2008

Jessica's Tattoo Will Help Her Find Her Soulmate in the Afterlife

I met Jessica last Friday night before game 1 of the New York Liberty-Detroit Shock playoffs at Madison Square Garden. Her neck tattoo caught my eye as I was going to Will Call to pick up my tickets (to hear about the game, go here), so when I was walking back outside and she was still there (talking to Jason, whose tattoo will be next to appear here), I introduced myself.

For some reason, the photo came out a little blurry. My apologies.

Jessica explained that this tattoo is the pagan symbol of the cycle of womanhood (cue a comment from NeoPagan Ink, below). She also told me that her fiancée has the same tattoo.

Some folks believe, Jessica noted, that tattoos can help someone find the way to their soulmate in the afterlife. This is one element that makes matching tattoos on people more romantic, if one believes that their ink transcends death.

This piece was inked by Gio at Crazy Fantasy Tattoo in Manhattan. Gio now works at Village Pop Inc. Work from Crazy Fantasy has appeared previously here. Work from Village Pop has appeared here.

Thanks to Jessica for sharing her tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!


Livia Indica said...

This is a triquetra, Latin for 'three cornered'. It typically represents the three stages of womanhood: maiden, mother and crone. Some people think of it as mind, body and spirit. Of course, Christians sometimes interpret it as father, son and holy spirit.

Anonymous said...

Too bad it's placed crooked on her neck (not centered with her spine) and the bottom is also not symmetrical.

Bill Cohen said...

In all fairness, the picture was not the best I've taken, and it's likely difficult to judge from the photo. Oftentimes, work is distorted by photos and not always identical on Tattoosday to the real versions on the flesh. Such are the hazards of this venture.