Thursday, October 23, 2008

An Interlude: Third Time's a Charm

Last week I had a bizarre lunchtime walk on Thursday. I met a woman outside of Macy*s who had an interesting neck tattoo. She seemed like a willing participant until the older woman standing with her kept repeating that what I was doing was "weird". The tattooed woman began to appear uncomfortable, so I bowed out gracefully, handing her a flier and moving on.

A while later I stopped another woman with a really cool pin-up on her arm. She said I'd stopped her before and thanked me, but wasn't interested. I vaguely remembered her after the fact, but couldn't pinpoint when or where I may have met her before.

Inkspotting can be streaky, and I considered quitting for the day, but I was determined to give it one more try. It was then that I met Melanie. In fairness to her, and to give her tattoo the spotlight it deserves, her ink is posted below (here).

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MelRoberts said...

Yeah I know what you mean about how tricky it can be.. most of the posts I've made lately have been of people I already know, because people over here are still a bit weird about their picture being seen on the internet. And yeah, some seem up for it until their friends put in their opinions about it either being "stupid" or their tattoo not being "good enough" to be on a website.. some people are a bit silly like that, but I suppose all we can do is try, eh?