Monday, October 6, 2008

Some Housekeeping

This is a non-photo post.

I want to thank all the folks e-mailing me and several sites that have added me into their folds.

Check out the Alltop Badge I added. We're on their tattoo page here.

Even more exciting is this awesome review Tattoosday received here on is a "daily tattoo blog featuring all original content on tattoo artists, ink trends, tattoo commentary, and more". Thanks to Jennifer Collins for the shout-out.

And if you're looking for ideas for tattoos, you can check out this resource: Free Tattoos Designs and Pictures.

And don't forget about my pal Mel over at Tattoosday UK.

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Lenny said...

Just came across your great blog today, and thought what a great idea! Inkspotting in NYC. I just got my first two tattoos (fleur de lis) and have been very inspired by the more new school tattoos I've seen around NYC (but still have respect for the traditionalists)! I think you have a great book here! The stories and pics are amazing and interesting... have you ever come across anyone with an Anil Gupta tattoo? He's my favorite!