Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tattoo Posts That Go Bad: Peeping Kanji

Last October, I posted a a tattoo belonging to a guy named John here. His friend Donna also had tattoos and tried to show them to me on her lower back/waistline, but she understandably couldn't successfully reveal them fully without lowering her pants to an uncomfortable level. She said she would send me better pictures. She never did. But I kept the post in my drafts folder under the title "Peeping Kanji". Unfortunately, the Kilroy-was-here-esque tattoos could not be deciphered by Kwok, my subject matter expert on the Chinese language.

So is there any value to these pictures? Maybe, maybe not. But I want to wish them adieu and maybe their inclusion here will prompt Donna to finally getting around to send me the photos.

I'd love to know what these kanji mean. Guesses anyone?


Anonymous said...

i think the left one means "peace","stable". it should be read "an" like the beginning of "answer".

Not too sure bout the right one.

Anonymous said...

The one on the left is "an" and it can mean peaceful or cheap, as in "sale 50% off!". The one on the right looks to me like "oni" which is a Japanese "devil" from folklore.