Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rebecca's Reiki Symbols of Healing

Last week I met Rebecca, who was waiting for an Amtrak train in Penn Station.

She had these tattoos on her inner wrists:

I recognized that they were kanji, but I didn't know that they were reiki symbols.

Reiki is a Japanese healing art, and Rebecca is a certified reiki practitioner.

As part of her certification and training, she studied enough to know that these symbols are accurate and refer to graphic representations of healing. Her right wrist speaks to long distance healing, and her left wrist refers to balance and healing.

Since reiki practitioners work with their hands, it seemed fitting that she had these symbols on her wrists.

She noted, as my wife has told me about her wrist tattoo, that the pain was very intense on this part of her body and that she passed out not once, but twice, in the course of having these tattoos inked over two sittings.

The tattoos were done at Gothic Tattoo & Body Piercing in New Hampshire.

Thanks to Rebecca for sharing her healing tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!


Lyn said...

Reiki training classes in Liverpool Wow what beautiful tattoos. As a Reiki master using the symbols in a treatment either on myself or on a client I draw the symbols around the treatment room and above the client prior to performing the treatment, this opens up the energy and enables the channeling. having the symbols tatooed on her wrists is a fantastic idea, but unfortunately not for me as i'm not that open to the pain.

Love & Light

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tattoo parlors Charlotte NC said...

These are really cool! It is a good idea to place them on your wrists. It could bring the power of those words to that body part. Thanks for sharing!

Snow Milne-Hearne said...

I am totally gob smacked that someone would display Reiki symbols ANYWHERE, let alone on your arms for the world to see. I don't mean because you have tattoo's on your arms, but I will let you know that I love tattoo's and have them myself.
But if you understood Reiki to its true form and understood the sacredness of the Reiki symbols (in which you should have been taught when/if you did a level 2 Reiki Course), you would have NEVER got them as a tattoo. They are meant to be used when treating yourself and/or your clients in sacredness and out of anyone's view.
Its a terrible shame that people do this and even display them for the world to see on websites etc.
This is why our beautiful raining Grand Master, Phylis Lei Furamoto comes to Australia and all around the world correcting Master and Practitioners of wrong doings and bring the tradition of Reiki back into line. If your not doing that and following the tradition of Dr Usui and Usui Shiki Ryoho ..... then as Phylis constantly says, "Call what you do anything you like, but don't call it Reiki, because its not".
I rest my case!!!