Saturday, December 1, 2007

Tattoos I Know: Jeff's Lifelong Long Life

Tattoosday is back after a November hiatus. If you want a further explanation, check out BillyBlog. Pickings have been slim, but I still hope to present a tattoo or two through the winter months. I have a few posts stored up to carry us through December......

Today's tattoo is from a co-worker named Jeff.

This piece is on his upper right arm. He got this at a tattoo shop in Rhode Island about a dozen years ago when he was 19. He'd always wanted one and designed this "under the influence of narcotics".

He thought it had meant "life-long" but found out later that it meant "long life". I have neither the time nor the wherewithal to fully research kanji mysteries like this. Here's one example of a stock "long life" kanji:

I don't see the similarities, but at least it doesn't mean "cow," like previous tattoos I have featured.

Either way, thanks to Jeff for sharing his tattoo!

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Shuuu said...

hey there, I'm a new reader of Tattoosday all the way from Malaysia, and I'm loving it so much that I'm actually reading all of your posts. I'm also tattooed but I only have one so far, getting the 2nd in a month =)

Anyway, I just wanted to tell u that the example of the kanji word for long life that you posted is kind of wrong, the whole word is distorted. The kanji in Jeff's tattoo does mean long life actually.

cheers :)