Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Great Friday the 13th Tattoo Experiment

Long time readers of this blog may recall this event, when Friday the 13th  fell on my wife Melanie's birthday.

I didn't get a Friday the 13th tattoo then, because we were celebrating for Melanie.

This month we have another Friday the 13th, and I'm itching for my own little celebratory tattoo.

But I want to include the Tattoosday community in this journey, and I want you to pay for it.

Wait, hear me out. I've placed a PayPal badge on Tattoosday for people to make donations. A Friday the 13th piece is only twenty bucks ($13 for the ink plus $7 for tip). I've already budgeted for my older daughter's
birthday on Saturday, so all my funds are tied up. But, in exchange for contributions, I'll trade power. Contributors will get to decide, within reason, what tattoo I will get and where I will get it.

So, assuming I get $20 in PayPal contributions today, whether it be $1 from 20 people, or $5 from 4 people, those patrons will have votes on what tattoo I get, and where.

Those who contribute receive a vote per dollar and will get to select the flash (which I will email to contributors and try to post on the blog from the shop). You also get to vote on which limb will receive the ink.

Hand of Glory's Flash from November 2009

No face or neck tattoos, no designs of genitalia, but if you pay, you have a say. I'll get it, I'll report it and I'll share it.

So, if you're interested, click on the Donate button on the left and secure your vote(s) through PayPal contributions.

Think about it, if twenty of you contribute a dollar, you can participate cheaply in the inking of yours truly. If you don't contribute, and I don't achieve my funding goal, oh, what a boring day Friday will be for all of

The primary purpose of this experiment is  to see if it will work. If anyone out there is interested in seeing this work, please help out.

Any questions, feel free to e-mail me or post them in the comments section.

Thank you,


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