Thursday, August 12, 2010

Update on the Great Friday the 13th Tattoo Experiment

Well, many generous souls allowed me to reach the goal and now we're halfway to a tattoo for Melanie. You can still donate, though. It will allow you to vote for what I get, and all proceeds go to the artist(s).

Here's where I'll be:

And here are our choices. Sponsors can pick the top three choices, along with where they want it to go. Check out the flash:

Flash by Joey Wilson
 Flash by Zoe
Flash by Derik Snell
Flash by Jacob Des
Flash by Brian Faulk

So those generous souls who contributed, please vote. And don't forget to choose a limb!

If you want to vote on my tattoo, you can still contribute to my (and Melanie's) ink fund by clicking on the "Donate" button to the left. Thanks, all!

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