Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kurt Vonnegut Remembered. So it goes.

At the Seventh Avenue Street Fair in Park Slope on Sunday, there was plenty of ink. Amazing ink too. But I only stopped one person, Samantha.

Samantha had this simple quote from the late Kurt Vonnegut on her back. This simple refrain (used 106 times in Slaughterhouse-Five, according to Wikipedia), came to be synonymous with the Vonnegut philosophy.

Samantha had this inked on her birthday at Hypnotic Designs in Sunset Park by Dru. Her boyfriend Igor also had a Vonnegut quote inked, but on his left leg:

or, from a different view:

This quote is from God Bless You Dr. Kevorkian...
My epitaph in any case? "Everything was beautiful. Nothing hurt." I will have gotten off so light, whatever the heck it is that was going on.
Thanks to Samantha and Igor for sharing their Vonnegutian ink here on Tattoosday!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for recognizing the tattoos.

nice to meet people off the street who know what my tattoo was about.

Best wishes on your blog. I'll be checking daily.

Unknown said...

I have a kitten named Kilgore Trout. I take him for walks on the leash. Its become an interesting literacy test. People ask me his name, I tell them. I've been delighted that a notable percentage recognizes the reference.