Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tattoosday at the Mall, Part 2 - Michelle's Purple Orchids

As the day at Roosevelt Field progressed, I dawdled near store entrances while my wife and daughters shopped. At H & M, Melanie emerged with the girls and asked me, "Did you see those flowers? They were beautiful!" Of course, I had missed them, but I was intrigued.

As the family moved on, I went back into the store, seeking the tattoo in question. After a few minutes, I found Michelle, the host of the tattoo above. She was very receptive to pulling the shoulder down on her top so I could see the whole piece.

Michelle, who has seven tattoos in all, had these orchids inked because she thought they were beautiful. She had them done a year and a half ago by Renee at Memphis Tattoo in Bayside, Queens. The shop is now called Top Shelf Tattoo.

Thanks to Michelle for being so receptive and sharing her awesome tattoo here with us at Tattoosday!

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