Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Annika's Lucky Cat

Back in September, as summer was coming to a close, I met Annika near Federal Hall on Wall Street.
She had a bunch of tattoos, and shared this, her Lucky Cat:

This is a version of the traditional Japanese maneki-neko cat.

Annika explained, "I studied economics and, in Asia, everybody has [the maneki-neko cat] in their shops for business prosperity." She added, "for me it’s just like having a career and being lucky at what I do and loving my job."

When I asked why the cat is holding a sign that says "No Pain No gain," Annika replied, "because sometimes you just have to work hard to earn what you deserve ."

Annika hails from Germany and I asked why she had the phrase in English. She modestly replied, "Because it doesn’t sound that good in German … I used to live in England and California, so I really like English … I have [tattoos in] English and French and hardly any German lettering."

This cool cat was tattooed by Andrik at Farbenpracht Tattoo in Munich, Germany.

Thanks to Annika for sharing her maneki-neko with us on Tattoosday!

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