Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nadine's Ankh and Orchids

I met Nadine last month and she was kind enough to share this beautiful floral piece with us:

The symbol in the foreground is her own "stylized version" of an ankh, a symbol dating back to ancient Egypt which means eternal life.

She has orchids added to the piece because her mother loves those flowers.The orchids were inked about five years ago which is remarkable because reds and yellows tend to fade more quickly on the skin and, Nadine notes, "so far my color has held true".

The ankh took about 45 minutes to do while the rest of the tattoo took five and a half hours over two sittings.

She wanted to point out that the outline is done in purple ink, not black, a nice artistic touch that she convinced her artist was a good choice.

This lovely tattoo was done at New York Adorned, by Brian Randolph.

Work from NY Adorned has been posted previously here (links to all posts tagged NY Adorned).

Thanks again to Nadine for sharing this fantastic tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!

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