Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tattoosday in Massachusetts: After a Good Meal, Danny Shares His Costa Rican Heritage

We're back from our Poetry Vacation and we have some tattoos to catch up on. The family and I were up in the Boston area at the end of March, and while staying with cousins in Swampscott, MA, we decided to go out for brunch on Easter Sunday.

We ended up at Mildred's Corner Cafe and Old Soul Gift Shoppe in neighboring Lynn, MA, and I enjoyed this amazingly delicious dish with chorizo and poached eggs:

Not only was the food great but, as an added bonus, our waiter Danny was heavily-tattooed, and he was kind enough to share the work on his left arm:

The emblem in the center of this sleeve is from the Costa Rican flag, which he had tattooed to honor his country of birth. He has lived in the U.S. for about nine years.

He credited the work to Ryan Murray at the Black Veil Studio of Tattoo & Art in Lynn, Massachusetts.

UPDATE: Although Ryan has done work on Danny, I was notified by the shop after this posted, that he was not the artist responsible for this particular piece. I'm waiting to hear back from Danny for the corrected information.

He credited the work to Jeffrey Brito, a free-lance artist that did it out of his house. Although initially credited to Ryan Murray at the Black Veil Studio of Tattoo & Art in Lynn, Massachusetts, we should point out that Murray has done work on Danny, not just this particular piece.

Thanks to Danny for sharing his tattoo with us here on Tattoosday and thanks to the good folks at Mildred's for a delicious meal!

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Anonymous said...

That tattoo was not done by Ryan Murray of The Black Veil Studio of Tattoo and Art. He has done tattoos on this person, but that is not one of them.