Monday, May 20, 2013

Hannah's Skull by Shawn Barber (NYC Tattoo Convention 2013)

As I briefly mentioned in my initial post from this year's New York City Tattoo Convention (which concluded yesterday), I met a woman named Hannah, who I spotted near one of the many booths. It was her tattoo on her upper right arm that really jumped out at me:

My curiosity about the tattoo was not unfounded, when Hannah informed me this was the work of famed artist, Shawn Barber.

Hannah hails from Southern California, and got this tattoo at Memoir Tattoo in Los Angeles.

Hannah talked about her appreciation of the art of Shawn Barber, his influence on her own work, and his creation of her tattoo:
"He was a huge influence ... I was never into oil painting until I saw his oil paintings and I'm obsessed ...  I'm really into skulls and succulents ...that's my main choice of what I like to paint ... I told him what I wanted and let him go with it ... probably one of my favorite parts is the little squiggle [above the eyes] ...
... and the cactus flowers coming through the cheekbone ... I didn't really ask for flowers or anything and he put those in and that's one of my favorite parts... they're all succulents, like aloe plants and cactus ...".

It is always a thrill to share work of people I meet who have been adorned by the creations of artists at the top of their game. If you want to see an amazing array of Shawn Barber's work, visit his web page here.

Thanks to Hannah for sharing this incredible tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!

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