Monday, June 29, 2015

Annie Rocks a Cowgirl Tattoo, with a Vegan Twist

Last week on Wall Street, I passed a woman with several tattoos and I stopped to ask her about them.

She introduced herself as Annie and was kind enough to share this spectacular thigh tattoo:

This is the work of Amanda Wachob, who at the time, about four years ago, was still working out of DareDevil Tattoo in Manhattan.

Annie explained that "this is actually a Gil Elvgren pin-up. I've changed it up a little bit. She was like on this barrel-horse thing... and the rooster was not there, so I just had [Amanda] put her on a fence and put the chicken in"

Why the added chicken? Annie elaborated:
"I was raised in Texas, and I used to raise chickens ... slaughtering them and everything and I've since become a vegan and ... it's sort of like, this is the person who I was, and I'm still this person ...a coming around full circle thing. I used to always hang out with chickens, but exploit them, slaughter them, eat them. Now I like to hang out with chickens and let them live their lives as individuals [with] freedom, and it looks the same ... I got this as I was transitioning into veganism, coming to terms with my past of slaughtering [chickens] and feeling pretty badly about it now and looking at it from a different perspective, being an animal rights activist." 
Annie does vegan education, "trying to make the world better," and is affiliated with Evolve for Animals. Check out their website here if you would like more information.

Thanks so much to Annie for sharing her work with us on Tattoosday!

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Radish King said...

Beautiful tattoo great story behind it. Thank you.

Abby Bean said...

Beautiful tattoo and beautiful story; thanks for sharing!