Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Matt's Amazing Tattoos by Brian Murphy

Yesterday, Melissa shared a tattoo (documented here), but she was walking at the Fifth Avenue Festival in Bay Ridge with Matt, and Matt shared several amazing pieces with us.

First off, Matt's work is by Brian Murphy at Third Dimension Tattoo Studio in Marshalls Creek, Pennsylvania.

I actually met Brian in 2008 in a chance encounter on the street (recounted here) when he was in town working with Paul Booth, so I knew he was a talented artist.

But, back to Matt, when I approached him about his tattoos, I didn't even see the work on his legs, which was what he showed me.

First a couple of knights:

And then these amazing faces which utilize negative space in an incredibly creative way:

Matt and Melissa filled me in on Brian's work.

"Those are all [Brian's] ideas," Matt told me.

"You're his guinea pig," Melissa chimed in.

Matt agreed, "Yeah, essentially...".

Melissa added, "He's got something in his head, Brian calls him up and says, 'Hey, I have a spot, this is what I wanna do, there's this new style of tattooing...".

"It's like a color negative tattoo," Matt explained.

Matt lived out near Marshalls Creek where Third Dimension is located many years ago and when Brian was first starting out tattooing, they became friends. Brian has been tattooing Matt ever since.

It really is such spectacular work.

Check out Brian Murphy on the Third Dimension website here, or Brian's Facebook page here, or his Instagram (bmurphysart) here.

Thanks to Matt (and Melissa) for sharing their body art with us here on Tattoosday!

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