Sunday, June 14, 2015

The 2015 New York City Tattoo Convention, a Brief Recap

In 2014, when the NYC Tattoo Convention moved it's event to March, it was because the traditional home of the show, the Roseland Ballroom, was slated for closure and demolition.

This year, the convention has moved to the Metropolitan Pavillion on West 18th Street. People may miss the character of Roseland, but the new space is brighter and bigger (which means more artists and booths). I headed over to day one after an early departure from work and checked the new space out.

This is one of multiple posts that will feature work I spotted at the show.

In total, I went all three days and had a great time. It was a festive mood and the bright space was abuzz with machines. I'm already looking forward to next year!

The old banners from previous years lent the new space a familiar feeling.

And of course, it's awesome to see work from Paul Booth:

And to see New York staples like Rich Fie (Instagram @RichFie) at work is always exciting.

It's also great to see the hand tattooing masters, like Shunho, from the famed Horitoshi Tattoo Family:

I interviewed many more people in years past and even got inked myself!

Stay tuned for days, nay, weeks to come, as I share the work from people I spotted at the convention.

It is a daunting task to name all the old friends and artists I spotted, spoke to, and hung out with over the three days at the show.

But a quick shout out to Marisa from Needles & Sins, Michael McCabe, Becca Roach, Adam from Th'Ink Tank in Colorado, Gunny and Kevin from Sacred Tattoo in Manhattan, Vanessa from Mindzai Creative (more on them later!), The Crew at Brooklyn Tattoo, and countless others. Plus, my friend Ginger, who went back to back with two different artists at Dare Devil Tattoo.

And of course, Jamie Delzel for giving me a kick-ass tattoo, and Matt Amey, also from Independent Ink, who were just plain awesome.

And finally, the good people who run the NYC Convention, for bringing it back bigger and better, even after losing their home at Roseland!

If you missed it this past weekend, don't worry. There's always next year!

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