Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Website Review: Print Tattoos Online

As tattooing becomes even more popular, the proliferation of sites dedicated to the art is amazing.

I was recently made aware of a new site called Print Tattoos Online that caters to the tattoo customer seeking designs for their next tattoo(s).

People seeking tattoos in the past used to have the sole option of going into a shop, poring through the flash art is books or on the walls, and going with the best of whatever limited selection was available.

Nowadays, with the internet at one's fingertips, a site like Print Tattoos Online can help the discerning customer search out unique designs and have them on hand when they visit their local tattoo artist.

The website is relatively new, but it offers a wide range of options, from a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, a gallery to see reader-submitted tattoo photos, and a blog that covers a range of subjects, from shop reviews and samples of specific styles of art (i.e. biomechanical, dragon, koi, and cherry blossom tattoos, to name just a few). And, of course, there is the store section which sells printable tattoo designs.

Their tattoo gallery is currently seeking new submissions, and readers are encouraged to head here in order to submit photos their site.

It's always nice to see well-crafted sites devoted to the art of tattooing, and catering to the discerning customer looking for printable designs.

Please head on over to Print Tattoos Online to check out their site!

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