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The Tattooed Poets Project: Jared Singer

Yesterday, we enjoyed the tattoos and poetry of Elliott D. Smith. Today, we get to check out the work of his roommate, Jared Singer.

I met Jared, along with Justin, last month at the Barnes & Noble flagship store. Like Elliott, Jared's tattoo is a work "in progress" inked by the incomparable Joy Rumore at Twelve 28 Tattoo in Brooklyn.

Check out Jared's upper right arm:

Jared explained that this tattoo has two origins. First, it was inspired by lyrics from a group called Living Legends. More specifically, the words "I'm so fly, even my shadow has its own friends."

The other motif in this piece comes from the lyrics in "9-5ers Anthem," by Aesop Rock, that proclaim, "I tend to underestimate my own average."

Jared says he originally conceived of the piece consisting of "shadows with other shadows". Joy drew up the design and said, "How about this instead?"

The rest is history. Well, sort of. As mentioned at the top of the post, this sleeve-to-be is still a work in progress.

Jared shared this poem with us:

The Last Love Letter from an Entomologist

Dear Samantha,
I’m sorry, we have to get a divorce.
I know that seems like an odd way
to start a love letter, but let me explain.
Its not you,
it’s definitely not me,
it’s just, human beings don’t love
as well as insects do.

I love you far too much to let what we have
be ruined by the failings of our species.
So instead,
I’m going to leave you now,
while I can still remember you fondly.
I saw the way you looked at the waiter last night,
I know you would never do anything,
you never do, but still I
saw the way you looked at the waiter last night.

Did you know that when a female fly
accepts the pheromones put off by a male
It rewrites the way her brain works,
destroys the receptors for pheromones.
Sensing the change, the male fly does the same.
When flies love each other,
they do it so hard,
that they can never love anything else ever again.
if either one dies before procreation
both sets of genetic code are lost forever.
Now that is dedication.

After breaking up with Elizabeth
we spent three days dividing
everything we had bought together
like if I knew which pots were mine,
like if I knew which drapes were mine,
the pain would go away.

When two praying mantises mate,
the nervous system of the male
begins to shut down.
While he still has control over his motor functions,
he flips onto his back
exposing his soft underbelly to his lover like a gift.
She then proceeds to lovingly
and I do mean lovingly
 dice him into tiny pieces
which she  shoves carefully into mouth
wasting not a single morsel,
even the exoskeleton must go.
She does this so that
so that when their children are born
she has a first meal to regurgitate to feed them.
Now that is dedication.

I could never do that for you.
So I have a new plan.
I plan on spending the rest of my life committing petty injustices.
I will jaywalk at every opportunity
I will steal things I could easily afford
I will be rude to strangers
I hope you will do the same.
I hope reincarnation is real.
I hope that these petty crimes cause me to be reborn as a lesser creature.
I hope we are reborn as flies.
So that we can love each other as hard as we were meant to.

~ ~ ~
We also have the good fortune of having video of Jared performing this piece at the Bowery Poetry Club in 2009:

Jared Singer is a poet and audio engineer who lives in New York City. While he may have physically grown up with his peers, he has never forgotten the imagination, magic, and nerdiness that were corner stones of his childhood. He hopes to remind others of these more creative times. He has been published by The Legendary, Union Station Magazine, The Spoken Word Almanac Project 2010 and has also appeared on the Indiefeed Peformance Poetry Podcast. He is the NYC Urbana 2009 Grand Slam Poetry Champion, The 2009 NYC Louder Arts Individual World Poetry Slam representative and a member of the 2010 Nuyorican Poets Cafe Poetry Slam Team.

Much thanks and appreciation to Jared for sharing his work with us here on Tattoosday!

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