Saturday, April 2, 2016

Brennan DeFrisco's Dying Rose [The Tattooed Poets Project]

Today's tattooed poet is Brennan DeFrisco, who shared this tattoo with us:

Brennan explains:
"I chose the design of a dying rose to balance out all the blooming, live ones I have around my ankle. It was done by Brandon Bear at Black Sea Tattoos [in Walnut Creek, California]. I was having a discussion with a poet friend about the concept of method poetry, or doing what you're writing about as you're writing about it. We were discussing what kind of experiences would lend themselves to this kind of writing prompt and agreed that getting a tattoo was among them. I wrote Stung [the poem below] on Brandon's table, as he tattooed me. It has since stood out as one of the more memorable moments of my writing career."
Here is the aforementioned Stung:

written on table at Black Sea Tattoos

it starts
like you are holding a rose
a sharp reminder
that beautiful things
come with a price

your flesh is a hive of bees
deep in conversation
coordinating tactics, stabbing you
thousands of times with
stings as sweet as honey

pain is just another way
of knowing you’re still alive

it takes five minutes
for your nerves
to go numb
after that,
each vibration is an aphrodisiac
a caress
an aggressive scratch
a lover’s grasp around the back of your neck
and a post-coital cigarette
at the same time

I always smile
when people ask
why I have so many tattoos

if only they knew
the euphoria

of being a beekeeper

~ ~ ~

Brennan DeFrisco is an MFA candidate at Antioch UniversityLos Angeles in the Creative Writing Program with an emphasis on Poetry. He represented Berkeley at the 2015 National Poetry Slam, where his team took third place in the country. He is co-founder of Lucky Bastard Press, where he co-edits with his partner, Allie Marini. He is a California Poet In The Schools, teaching poetry to student writers across the Bay Area. He’s the author of A Heart With No Scars by Nomadic Press. His work can be found or is forthcoming in WordsDance, Oracle Fine Arts Review, jmww’s Exquisite Duet, University of Hell, Drunk Monkeys, Hermeneutic Chaos and Yellow Chair Review. He loves movies, poker, whiskey, Firefly and a particularly beautiful and talented woman. He occupies Oakland, CA.

Thanks to Brennan for sharing his tattoo and poem with us here on The Tattooed Poets Project!

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