Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Tattooed Poets Project: Jacqui Morton

Today's tattooed poet is Jacqui Morton, who shares these three dandelion seeds:

Jacqui explains:
"My tattoo was done at Fat Ram’s Pumpkin Tattoo in Jamaica Plain, MA, by Melissa Baker. I’ll never forget Melissa’s voice or the way she let me hug her when she finished. She took great care in listening to what I was looking for and showing me a drawing. I had this in mind but when she put it on paper it all made sense. It’s my first tattoo, and I got at age 38, three years after I lost a baby. I now have two sons. This tattoo helps me keep that baby girl here with them --- my three little seeds, all floating in their own direction."
This poem Jacqui sent ties in with the tattoo:

For Jennifer

This poem is for Jennifer
because she called
when the midwife
didn’t, past five on Friday.

For Jennifer because
later, after the results
and the tears, and after
the cupcakes shielded
from tears were eaten
at a second birthday party
which must have
happened at my house, 
she helped me
make the appointment.

For Jennifer because
she said she would send
her sister to that doctor.

For her, because
she said the baby is a girl
instead of the words
I hoped to hear later:
It’s a girl.

This poem is for Jennifer
because it is her job to call
people like me with results
like those.

 - Jacqui Morton, 2012

~ ~ ~

Jacqui adds, "I terminated my pregnancy after a really sad diagnosis. Jennifer was the genetic counselor. This poem was previously published in my chapbook, Turning Cozy Dark.

Jacqui Morton's poems and essays have appeared in places such as Drunk Monkeys, The Mom Egg Review, the Guardian, Salon, Role Reboot, and The Rumpus. She is the author of a baby book of poems and is working on a memoir. Jacqui is a doula and freelance writer in Massachusetts, and is the managing editor for The Citron Review. Visit her on Twitter or at


Linda said...

When you showed me your tattoo, I knew exactly what the meaning behind it was. I am so proud of you and your success. May God bless you and continue you on the journey that life has given you. You are strong and will always have the support of Chris and your sons. They love you very much and are the your world. love you Linda

Jacqui said...

Hi Linda, Thanks so very much for your kind words (and to Bill, for letting me know of this post!). I am indeed very grateful. Sending love to you as well.