Monday, July 7, 2008

Marcus Sports a Heavenly Geisha

I ran into Marcus walking down 86th Street in Bay Ridge, just a block from Brooklyn Ink, where the above piece was tattooed by Joe. I hear Joe's name a lot, as his shop is closest to home for me. Although I have never been inked by Joe, everyone I've spoken to has nothing but good things to say.

Marcus, who has about a dozen tattoos, had this piece tattooed on his right forearm, because he is an artist and inspired by art. Geisha, best translated as "artist" in Japanese, are representatives of the traditional artist class in Japan. This geisha has wings, making her angelic, which adds an element of spirituality to the tattoo. The combination of the physical art form with a representation of the spiritual, appeals to Marcus' sensibility, and this tattoo ultimately captures his outlook on life.

Thanks to Marcus for taking a moment to share your heavenly geisha with us here at Tattoosday!

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