Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Year Ago Today, Tattoosday Was Born

When, on July 31, 2007, I posted my first installment of the weekly Tattoosday feature on BillyBlog, I didn't know what I had started.

Had you told me then that, a year later, Tattoosday would have spun off from BillyBlog, that it would have set a personal best in July '08 with over 13,000 hits, and that I would be posting daily, I would have been skeptical.

Nonetheless, that's what has happened. And, although I expect a drop-off in visits as summer ends and shorts and tank tops give way to jeans and long-sleeve shirts, I am pleased with how Tattoosday has progressed.

I want to thank everyone who has visited and contributed to the success of Tattoosday. It's still a little baby blog by blogosphere standards, and its stand-alone self (apart from BillyBlog) doesn't celebrate a full year until September 8, 2008, which is BillyBlog's 3rd anniversary.

The lingering question is this: will Tattoosday surpass BillyBlog in traffic by then? As of July 31, Tattoosday had just over 48,000 hits in a little less than 11 months, whereas BillyBlog is at 63,500 hits just a month and change shy of 3 years. Check back on September 8 to see what happens.

Inkily yours,



Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

Innowen said...

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Bill... I am a NZer who reads your blog from afar, and i thoroughly enjoy seeing your pictures and hearing the stories of how and why people got 'inked'.

I have a ten year old tattoo symbol on the left of my lower back, and i have never regretted it!

I've been designing a sleeve in my head for the last six months, and i love reading your blog and hearing about the how and why some people go about their interesting tattoos. Keep up the great work!