Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Tattooed Poets Project: Todd Heldt's Chicago Owl

Today's tattoo was submitted by the poet Todd Heldt:

This is on his right bicep and is based on one of his favorite Chicago landmarks, the owl perched on the Harold Washington Library, the central library for the Chicago Public Library system.

The owl is often used as a symbol to represent knowledge.

The tattoo was created by Esther Garcia at Butterfat Studios in Chicago.

Please head over to BillyBlog to read one of Todd's poems.

And, if you like owls, you must check out a blog dedicated entirely to owl tattoos here.

Thanks to Todd for sharing his tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!

1 comment:

Chicago Garden said...

That's a pretty good representation of the owl. I know someone who got one styled after the same owls and it looks more like a Cornish game hen.