Saturday, April 1, 2017

Launching the 9th Annual Tattooed Poets Project Extravaganza with Matthew Rohrer

We're launching the ninth annual Tattooed Poets Project on Tattoosday with work from Matthew Rohrer.

I first reached out to Matthew after Bianca Stone (whose own tattoo was featured here) recommended I check him out. This was more than five years ago and we were finally able to assemble a post this year with a rather relevant tattoo and poem for 2017.

Here's one of Matthew's tattoos: 

Matthew explains:
“I had this done on my birthday at Hand of Glory (@handofglorytattoo) in Brooklyn. It’s the 'anti-fascist circle' or the Iron Front Circle. People drew it over official swastikas in Germany in the 30s before the group was destroyed by the Nazis. The original design was done by a guy who was the lab assistant to Pavlov. The 3 arrows are supposedly the 3 pillars of anti-fascism….but accounts vary about what those 3 pillars really are.
I wanted to mark myself as unacceptable to these motherfuckers and so this was my birthday present to myself.” 
The artist at Hand of Glory that inked this was Jim Gentry (@gentrytattoos).

Appropriately, he offered up the following poem:


Thanksgiving morning the xmas trees
at Greg’s Quality Xmas Trees
are bound and gagged
I drive by in the rain
I feel like a hundred bucks
I crest the hill
a couple miles from the sea
wipers scrape and jump
the pumpkin pie sends me a text
Where are you?
I’m coming, I’m on my way
I have to change lanes
here on Ditmas avenue
everyone wants to turn right

the whole fucking country!
~ ~ ~

Matthew Rohrer is the author of several books, most recently THE OTHERS, published by Wave Books in spring 2017. He lives in Brooklyn and teaches writing at NYU.

Thanks to Matthew for helping us launch our ninth season of tattooed poets on Tattoosday!

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