Thursday, April 27, 2017

Stephen Shimmans and His Owl on the Tattooed Poets Project

Today's tattooed poet is Stephen Shimmans, who shared this wonderful tattoo:

Stephen told us "I chose this tattoo design as I consider myself solitary, and possess many qualities associated with the owl ... Wisdom, sharp eyes, graceful and determined."

He shared the following poem, "Battle Grounds," as well: 

Temples have been razed to the ground
Idols have perished in the vapid heat of orange flames.
Tongues severed, men crucified in the arid desert.
Waning clemency a virtuous humanisation.
It casts a pall like a pale veil that enshrouds.
Gifting both intriguing mystery and smokeless ignorance.
Clicking triggers
Triggers clicking.
Mars    Zeus    Odin
Under the glimmering belt of Orion
Ursus roar
Savage animal is man
Behest of any redemption or realisation
Dishonour and faux camaraderie
Watch the setting sun sink below
Swinging and swooning on the star strings.

The arrows fly yet bite
The sword gleams but kills
Renders flesh
Cleaving limbs
Crushing bones.
Called to King
To die for country.

The reaping reavr reaps that which he shall sow
Seeds of wheat and buck
The ale inebriates, dulls life pain
Dull mendacity sour despair and disbelief.
Father-less child
Retreat in defeat.

Blood soaked emblems flap defiantly against a cold breeze.
Brothers who fell in battle shall love nevermore.
The reaper calls with scythe in hand,
To collect the bounty,

To collect the wood from our crosses we bear.

~ ~ ~

Stephen Shimmans tells us he is a 29- year old father of three boys and "married to the most wonderful woman on earth." He likes to spend time wrestling with the children and exploring local country parks. He completed a degree in English and Creative Writing at Salford University in greater Manchester, UK. He has had a pamphlet of poetry, entitled Roots,  published with Erbacce Press.

Thanks to Stephen for sharing his tattoo and poem with us here on the Tattooed Poets Project!

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