Friday, April 18, 2014

The Tattooed Poet's Project: Alice Ladrick

Our next tattooed poet is Alice Ladrick:

Alice tells us:
"I got this little guy done at No Ka Oi in Philly. It was something I'd be thinking about for awhile but the actual plan was hatched just a little before I went out there. I got the crow (his name is Corbin) because crows had kinda been following me around for awhile and became a symbol of comfort for me, plus I like the multiplicity of meanings crows carry in various mythologies."
Alice also sent along a poem from a series called "ISOTOPE":


Everybody’s moving in with their boyfriend and I
decided to get a tattoo: “ME”
all caps on my ring finger,

call my artist my jeweler
when I go in for touchups. Get it
sized up (cuz I’ll gain weight). I’m watching

my figure. The way I figure it

I’ll be that sprinter-poet. Shit.
Spinster poet. Write it all at once
like once is a place you’ve been and can

go back to it.
My boyfriend dumped me on
my birthday. I’m not bitter

but I am a liar.

Never going back there
(lie) where boys are
appealing. Fights with myself

always end in sex. 

~ ~ ~

Alice Ladrick writes poems about lots of things. She also likes making books and isn't here to make friends (only she could probably use some). Alice tried having a website one time but never updated it so...

Thanks to Alice for sharing her poem and tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!

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